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Why Music Radio Needs News Again

It is something few broadcasters could have imagined four months ago, and yet it was the only possible response to our times.
There is news again on major-market music radio. Sometimes it is the bulletin from the news station down the hall.

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Paulus Joins VAB Marketing

The Virginia Association of Broadcasters is welcoming Dave Paulus as Marketing Consultant. Paulus brings 35 years of broadcast and marketing expertise to the organization.


Broadcast Dialogue

105.9 The Region finds its place during COVID-19

Tina Cortese
Submitted by Tina Cortese, Station Manager, 105.9 The Region
You would think that an independently owned and intensely local radio station would be lost in a world where COVID-19 continues to capture every headline everywhere.

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New podcasts about the Covid crisis

ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia has launched a new podcast providing informative and entertaining advice on how to navigate family life and keep kids sane while living in isolation. 
Presented by Brisbane 97.

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