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A New Twist on an Old Block

Fig. 1: An easy way to wire up not only XLRs but DB connectors, too.
Jerry McCarty spent more than three decades at the college of engineering at the University of Michigan.

Broadcast Dialogue

Vista Radio rebrands its new Lethbridge stations

Vista Radio has launched 98.1 2day FM (CKBD-FM) Lethbridge, playing a customized playlist of hits that cross musical genres from the likes of AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Ed Sheeran, Queen, Taylor Swift and Imagine Dragons.
CKBD had been branded as 98.

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Talent Institute Takes to the Trail

The Radio Talent Institute series has fired up again this summer with the Kellar Radio Talent Institute at Appalachian State University, the first week of June.The series of Radio Talent Institutes are for college students at select schools.